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Transcript of Cabinet meeting to decide PM candidate

13, Dec 2013 By ajmer

Another Cabinet Meeting:

Madam: We are searching for a new PM, today.

MMS: Madam, whats wrong with me?

Moily: There is nothing wrong with you, you had two terms what more do you need? Do you want a third term?

Shinde: Did you not had enough? We lost because of you.

MMS: Me? You lost because of me? I did nothing, absolutely nothing.

Sibal: I don’t think Nilekani is up to the mark, he is another good for nothing fool, look what he did to the Aadhar card, that was supposed to be integrated with your PAN card, driving license and your Vehicle registration plus your sales tax numbers, and ration card, it should have also held other details like your passport info but he churned out a piece of paper the SC threw it out.

Moily: What about someone smart , like Mani Shankar.

Madam: No.

Khurshid: What about me , madam, secular and brilliant and whatnot, shall i give you my CV?

MMS: What CV? Are you crazy ? I am still PM.

Khurshid: Dont interrupt, madam, i am a genius in front of him.

MMS: Him? I am no him? Madam, what is this, better make Raul Baba the PM, instead of this one.

Khurshid: Here madam, take my CV.

MMS: No.

Khurshid: Aare, this is top class CV, made in USA, don’t touch it or you will stain it.

MMS: Me? stain it, i will tear it up.

Sibal: Madam, here take my CV also.

MMS: raul baba, where are you ? come here quickly.

Madam: Dont disturb him, he is watching TV.

MMS: Madam, he is watching cartoons and see you whole cabinet is piling up CVs for my job.

Madam: I need someone out of the box, someone out of congress, with a clean image.

Khurshid: Okay, then what if i propose the name of my relatives.

Madam: No, relatives.

Khurshid: My driver?

MMS; Your driver for my job? are you crazy?

Khurshid: Madam, i need to really be into this PM office, either by hook or crook.

Shinde: Even i can do that.

Sibal:I propose my name, madam but you wont take it ,alas.

MMS: Wait, i better lock the PMO first, madam, at this rate they will encroach even the corridor there.

Moily: This time we need a south indian PM.

Anthony: What about madam’s son-in-law.

MMS: What ?

Anthony: Well, he is a outsider.

MMS: Look at his image, look.

Khurshid: Madam, he is mud-slinging on your family.

MMS: No, no, no, no, plz.

Madam: We cant choose him, he is too business minded.

Moily: He will sell the North and South Block by afternoon.

MMS: Really?

Moily: Only two are left now.Either Kejriwal or

MMS: What ? Kejriwal ? are you mad ?

Moily: He is secular.

MMS: So? He is dictatorial and who else?

Moily: Advani.

Madam: Advani ? He is of BJP.

Moily: So? He is free, has nothing to do, and will do as we say, even modi will be stunned.

Khurshid: Why don’t we select my driver? I will make sure he does what you say madam.

MMS: I already do what madam says, keep you driver in your car.

Shinde: Decide quickly, if Sharad Pawar hears this talk, you all are goners, he will jump in the chair.