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Transcript of Cabinet Meeting to create Telangana

04, Oct 2013 By soumitra1984

Faking news has exclusive transcript of the cabinet meeting which led to the creation of Telangana

Sonia Gandhi We have to discuss what we have to do about Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Chidambaram I promised in the Lok Sabha that we will create Telangana. I think we should fulfil the Promise

Sonia Gandhi Arey don’t talk about promises. You also promised to bring down inflation and make India grow at 6 %. You did not fulfil those promises also

Manmohan Singh Based on the current economic situation my view is …

Sonia Gandhi Manmohan Ji the congress party has the highest respect for your views. But we are trying to take a decision here

Manmohan Singh Theek Hai

Kiran Kumar Reddy If telangana is formed I will break away from Congress and form my own party

Sonia Gandhi I have Ranjit Sinha’s number on my speed dial. Do you want to suffer like Jagan Reddy.

Kiran Kumar Reddy Madam Jagan Reddy is out of Jail. Both he and Chandrababu Naidu are getting close to Modi. If Telangana is formed Modi will benefit and he will become Prime Minister

Sonia Gandhi Oh in that case we will not form Telangana

All other Ministers We will have a united Andhra Pradesh. Telangana will not be formed.

Sonia Gandhi Manmohanji Please prepare an ordinance for united Andhra Pradesh

Manmohan Singh Theek Hai

Suddenly Rahul Gandhi comes in the room and he sees a map of united Andhra Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi This Map is complete nonsense and should be torn apart and thrown

Rahul takes the map and tears it in two parts

All the Ministers Rahul Gandhi Ji has spoken the voice of the public. We have to create Telangana. Telangana ki Jai

Manmohan Singh Theek Hai