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Top MNCs after Priyanka Gandhi for sales profile

04, May 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

While there is a wave of debates going on in the country as to who among Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal has generated the wave in India, Priyanka Gandhi has successfully generated a wave in corporate circle where many top notch MNCs are vying for her for a job in their sales department.

Priyanka Gandhi
“Thank you”

Anjali, the India HR head of a famous electronics confirmed the news. She said, “She is convincing even while lying, she is confident and has a very charming personality. This is all we need in our sales representatives.”

Anjali further adds, “You  must have noticed how cunningly she avoided the electricity question in Raebareli by saying that her mom has been working day and night for last 20 years and even got all electric poles and wires in place but state governments did not turned on the button and hence Raebareli is still in dark. This is a sheer talent to do in every election. We need such talent to sustain our top line.”

Bhaskar, a headhunter and head of a staffing firm said, “We have been appointed by a top FMCG major to get her on board. She fits best for a sales role in a FMCG because in a FMCG one has to sell the same product again and again and that is impossible to do if you cannot make fool of people.  Just look at the way she camouflaged ‘hume vote do‘ into  ‘aap ke paas shakti hai vo hume do‘. This reminds me of RIN and RIN Shakti. This is what is needed.”

Faking news also took opinion of few aam aadmis about this development.

Raju, an aam aadmi party supporter who went to protest against her in Amethi but on seeing her immediately became a fan of her told us, “She is so beautiful. Her smile is so overpowering that I think it will be difficult to say no to a product she will sell. As soon as I saw her, I forgot all slogans that we had prepared to protest against her. Even our yogendra yadav has concluded that through an internal survey.”

Rajni an housewife says, “Though I have never seen Indira Gandhi but Priyanka reminds me of her. She speaks exactly like Indira Gandhi and I love that . Also Priyanka’s sarees and hair style are so good.  Isn’t she cute ?  I will not even bargain with Priyanka as I usually do with sales persons.”

It is also being reported that a group of salesmen have approached Election Commision to complain against Priyanka Gandhi for bringing a bad name to their function. Faking News is trying to confirm the news.