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To learn governance, AAP looking for writer of 'Nayak' to know 'Nayak 2' plot

23, Jan 2014 By chandantcs

AAP activists were found searching Shankar and Khasyap. They want to understand how Shankar would have written the plot of Nayak, if Anil Kapoor would have been a 21 day CM rather than 1 day.

Ab Kya?
Next what?

How Anil Kapoor would have managed to run his state after suspending all his work force. They also tried to understand if APP ministers are also required to do any fight sequence when they see any eve teaser touching any Delhi girl ( which is very common habit of many male Delhites) .

As they were not able to get Khasyap, to write dialogues for AK due to Khasyap personal issues, AAP activist have found Dharna as the best possible solution. They have vast experience in this and this will buy some time to search Shankar ji and allow him to write Nayak-2 story.

In between all this , SHO for whose suspension AAP activist are shouting in front of deaf central govt ( APP only declared central govt deaf , which now contradicts their Dharna as no body going to listen) was also found searching for Puneet Issar( GARV writer), so that he can request him to write another story on Police officers, showing how ministers exploit them and how police officers fall in catch 22 situation, where minister ask them to work outside the law and then blame them not working for law.

SHO has strong believe that showing this new movie to AAP activists while they are doing Dharna can actually convince them about the story of other side and save his job.