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To keep his word, Azam khan to punish his buffaloes who allowed themselves to be stolen

14, Apr 2014 By Golden Tooth

Lucknow: Taking a cue from colleague Abu Azmi’s recent statements on rape, sex etc, senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has ordered punishment for some buffaloes which were reportedly stolen and found later by policeman.

However the punishment shall be restricted to only those female buffaloes which are kanvari (which have never been consummated).

The remorseless buffaloes.

The decision came in the backdrop of Abu Azmi’s remark in which he reportedly said unmarried women going with men even without their consent shall be punished.

Justifying the decision andaaz ali, a close aide of Mr Azam Khan said “Khan sabhab bahut sahi kiye hain, chahe chor Bhayinsiya ko uski marzi se le gaye ya zabardasti, Saza dono ko milni chaheye…aur barabar milegi bhi”.

Talking exclusively to Faking News Mr Khan said, “See we apply SP law ubiquitously, it’s a gross moral turpitude  on behalf of the buffaloes, who allowed themselves to be stolen and loaded on truck. The truck even had a male buffalo from a nearby village on it and the buffaloes spent a full night with him.”

He further said the buffaloes should have made efforts to resist the theft, “just look at them (pointing finger at the accused buffaloes Sanwali and kajri), they are so behaya and are showing no sign of remorse..just munching.”

For the sake of even justice, Mr Khan called the same policeman who inflicted blows on the thieves and asked him to repeat the same on the culprit buffaloes.

One of the constable said, “we are used to performing 3rd degrees on humans, but definitely not on animals..”

Another constable quipped, “ab kamse kum koi hume ye nahi kahega ki hamne janworon ki tarah peeta”. When last report came in, the policemen were having problems in hanging the poor buffaloes upside down.