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Tired of Kejriwal's attention grabbing tactics, channel to have a Kejri-free hour

18, Mar 2014 By sportstadkakk

Tired of Arvind Kejriwal’s everyday tactics, one news channel has decided to implement a Kejri-free hour everyday. They’ve been showing the disclaimer of the same since last two days and the first Kejri-free hour was aired yesterday. The Disclaimer goes like this:

Dear Viewers, from tomorrow onwards, no matter how catchy  the news is, this channel will not be showing any entertaining  current happenings related to Aam Aadmi Party and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal between 7 to 8 pm. For information regarding the same, please switch channels and for proper other news keep watching the Newshour. Between 7 to 8 pm, the Newshour would be called as ‘Kejri-free’ hour!

Arvind Kejriwal
Yahi to scam hai

Watching the news channel’s disclaimer, Kejriwal has filed an FIR against the media house accusing them of ‘not showing any news of him or his party for one whole hour!’.

Arvind Kejriwal while addressing a rally said, “This time the channel’s gone too far. They didn’t even cover us in the Breaking News section and neither did they mention our name in the news which scrolls on the screen! I mean can you imagine they showed proper news! They didn’t even do our negative publicity! I mean am I a guy to be ignored?? Who is giving them money to cover proper news?  Is it Ambani or Adani or Narendra Modi himself??”

Party’s prime leader Ashutosh was devastated. “ I’ve been a journalist. Never have I seen a channel behaving this way. Not even once they uttered the name of AAP for full 60 minutes and that too in prime time! Don’t they care about their channel’s TRP? I am amused. I’ve been observing it for quite a while. Neither do they invite us for any debate and nor have I seen any of their journalists asking us any question!  They don’t even keep an empty chair! Esa kaise chalega?? Our party has therefore decided to expose this channel and we will now sit on a dharna outside their headquarters. We invite the people to come and assemble at Churchgate station” After few minutes..”Eh.. don’t bother to come to Churchgate station. Reach the venue directly. Bring your mufflers with you.”

When Faking News tried to contact the channel, one of their representative who refused to disclose his identity said, “Our channel has decided to have a ‘Kejri-free’ hour every day. That way we would be doing something completely different from other news channels and we would also be doing our duty as a NEWS channel. We made him what he is today and now he blames us of being corrupt. If the strategy works, we’ll implement it one whole day! Whole day would be Kejri-free day!“

Arvind blamed the channel of being run by Modi followers. When asked about the proof, he just smirked and said, ”Their tagline is Modify the Nation! Do you still need proof??”

Faking News meanwhile liked the channel’s idea and has also decided that one hour they would not accept any Kejriwal jokes on Faking News! “They can make jokes the rest 23 hours if they want,” said the Faking News Editor Pagal Patrakar