Sunday, 18th March, 2018

We threatened to increase rs.150 charges to rs.1500; BJP reveals the secret behind the UP win

14, Mar 2017 By RT

UP. “Two days prior to the elections in UP, we have threatened the electorate that we will increase the bank charges from rs.150 to rs.1500 in case of not winning the state”, BJP revealed the secret behind the UP win.

“No one in their right mind would have voted for us, what with demonetization fiasco and not getting rs.15 lacs in everyone’s bank account. After the announcement of rs.150 charges after 4 bank transactions, even the card holding members of the party weren’t planning to vote for us. That’s when the state top brass has devised a scheme to threaten the electorate with increasing the bank charges from rs.150 to rs.1500”, UP BJP told Faking News.

“My bank balance at anytime is less than rs.10000. If these people start deducting rs.1500 after 4 transactions, I am bankrupt within 15 of every month. Not only I voted for BJP, I ensured that everyone in my family has voted for BJP. I hope that this party wins and keeps the cap at rs.150”, a non-believer, and a recently turned forced bakt, told Faking news.

“We could not communicate this effective ploy to Goa or Punjab. Even if we had tried, it would have been difficult to reach the voters in Goa who are sober. In Punjab, it is entirely a different reason”, UP BJP explained why the party could not win Goa and Punjab.

Learning this a little too late, other political parties are drafting their own threats to scare the hell out of the voters from the next elections onwards, it is now learnt by Faking News.