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This is not Rahul Gandhi's first leadership failure

10, Dec 2013 By tarushjn

While most leaders in BJP and Congress and news channels are mocking at Rahul Gandhi and his strategies which had failed miserably first in UP and now in New Delhi and other states, sources tell us that this is not Rahul Gandhi’s first failure as a leader.

Rahul Gandhi
Troubled kid.

While in Doon School, Rahul Gandhi repeatedly gave his name in to be elected as the monitor of the class but as Mr Raman Chaudhary(name changed), who was his classmate till class 9 tells us, Rahul could never make it.

“He always had the makings of a good leader. While he impressed teachers and the Principal with his Mahmood like comic timing, he could never motivate his fellow classmates to vote him in as the monitor of the class” says Mr Raman.

His teachers told us about how he would go and sit with the NOT TO STUDIOUS students of the class and reminded them how important they were to the class and their vote mattered but he could never make an impression among the average students of the class who were more than impressed with the motivating speeches Mr Virender Sodhi, the other monitor candidate would deliver.

The trend continued for 10 long years and finally when Rahul Gandhi was in class 12, he was nominated again to serve as the head boy of the school, but lost out to Mr Sodhi by a narrow margin of 600 votes(Total students: 625).

While 23 students did not cast their votes, the 2 votes Mr Gandhi received were of himself and Mr Digvijay Singh who took admission in the school only to cast that decisive vote in the head boy elections. The far-fetched idea of Shah Rukh Khan taking admission in a college in the movie “Main Hoon Na” is said to be inspired from this action of Mr Singh.

“Rahul tried everything. He did a class to class campaign and distributed free notebooks. He promised that class 6th students will be given important roles in the student council and girls would be able to drink at water dispensers without the fear of water splashes from the naughty crowd but then the free CAMEL(then pronounced as KAMAL) pencils proved too much for him to handle which were the election symbol for Mr Sodhi” – told the Principal

If the sources are to be believed, the Congress of course is disappointed and many of them silently blame Mr Gandhi for the current failure but for the Gandhi family, such failures don’t come as a surprise or a shock and they are in a stable state of mind.