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Theaters to use glasses embossed with Modi images for highly polarised 3D cinema viewing

20, Apr 2014 By manithan

Image of The Modi 3D glasses distributed in Asathyam Multiplex

Chennai: It was an unusual sight in the canteen area of Asathyam Multiplex in Chennai. Apart from the usual crowd waiting to buy popcorn, sandwich and coke, the thing that stood in their eyes or being held in their hands totally seemed awkward.

They were in the intermission of the Amazing Spiderman -2 3D movie. And the 3D glasses were that thing that were itching our reporters’ eyes.

Amused and perplexed, our reporter approached one of a teenager there and asked him to show glasses he had kept hanging from his t-shirt collar. It was normal fiber transparent glass, which is not something you would see in 3D cinemas. But, they have embossed a see-through image of Narendra Modi in each of the two lenses.

When enquired, he said, “Even I felt strange when the theatre men gave me this 3D glass. The box had read ‘Higher Polarisation. Better 3D vision’. I could not get the relation between the images on this glasses and how it gives better 3D version, but the 3D effect was really outstanding.”

Our reporter then approached a mid-aged woman in the queue, who was lecturing to few other people about the polarisation technique used in 3D movies. After she had finished her lecture, our reporter approached her and asked the same question, “But why was Narendra Modi image embossed in the glasses?” to which she could not find an answer. Being an ardent Modi hater, she had even felt the urge to break the glass and exit the movie, but she did not as her children would then be depressed.

But the news spread like a wildfire and soon, news channels got into their usual schedule of Modi bashing. From Sardesai’s , “It seems Modi wants to be seen always” tweet to Sagarika Ghose’s , “It is irritating how Modi has even propagated into the cinemas”. Arvind Kejriwal said, “See, Didn’t I say? Ambani owns theatres and released movies. They print Modi image in glasses. Now, people should watch Modi instead of movies. Such is the money of corporates being used to keep Modi in power. Modi and Adani are friends”.

26 celebrities from various walks of art field gathered together and immediately sent a letter to Parent/Guardian that ‘If Modi is in 3D glasses, then no 3D movies should be released anywhere in the world’.

But this did not deter the BJP workers and Modi supporters who were thronging the Asathyam Multiplex once they got wind of the news. They were seen outside the multiplex politely demanding to let them to wear the 3D glasses.

A HenDTV reporter shouted from outside the cinemas, “The Modi bhakts crowd is behaving like barbarians. They were requesting the theatre owners to have look at their fascist dictator leader image in the 3D glasses. This is attrocity”. The chant of “See the Modi, 3D Modi” by the crowd were heard in the background.

While the multiplex owner was not available for comments to the mainstream media, our reporter got hold of his friend working as manager in the multiplex. He said, “We wanted to provide better polarised glasses to the audience. This is a new experiment from our multiplex. Since Modi is a polarising figure and his mere image was thought to polarise anything, we thought about using the image of Modi to polarise light from the movie projected on the screen. So, we replaced the usual 3D glass with a Modi image embossed on transparent lenses. When we ran trial with that glass, we got stupendous results.

The polarising effect was too high and we could feel that the glasses gave the users a more rich 3D experience, more realistic than seeing with our own eyes. This Modi glasses, when introduced, will bring a revolution in the movie industry. There will be a rich 3D experience and more such movies can be made in India.

We can also challenge James Cameron and other Hollywood directors with our enriched 3D glasses’s support. By the way, we do not endorse Modi nor do we support BJP.”