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The real reason behind Jagan’s hunger strike

31, Aug 2013 By jaffa

Jagan Mohan Reddy, the most popular leader of A.P. and son of most populist leader YSR, continued his hunger strike for fifth day.

While Sakshi reports that it is in protest of bifurcation without adequately addressing the issues concerning Seemandhra people, Eenadu reports that it is a gimmick to save the YSR Congress party in Seemandhra and AndhraJyothi reports that it is purely safeguard Jagan’s illgotten wealth.

When we did a thorough investigation of the facts concerning, we found startling reason for his hunger strike.

Our investigation revealed that even before UPA govt decided to pass the Food Security Bill, it tested its actual food resources on certain prisoners in Chanchalaguda jail.

The food primarily included rice and daal which were prima-facie rejected by the rats in FCI go-downs. Since Indians are known to digest scams, rapes, murders, terrorism etc which are abjectly inhuman, the govt didn’t give a second thought and continued with its decision of serving harmless food.

On the first day of the test, Jagan was chosen through a lottery and had to eat the not-so-delicious meal. He immediately had to vomit it out. As a known sharp thinker, he instantly thought it was a new method of CBI to make him vomit the truth.In retaliation, he started his hunger strike.

A jail official who is aware of the happenings said “the real reason for obstructing mulaqats was to avoid embarrassment for one and all. If the truth comes out it is gives a bad image for Jagan, UPA govt, jail authorities and rats amongst others.”

He added, “we are trying our best to feed Jagan but he remains adamant as ever.”