Friday, 23rd February, 2018

The nursery book of AAP

25, Feb 2014 By khakshar

The ex Chief Minister of Delhi and the ex Education Minister had been working overtime while in office towards ensuring that the tiny tots were admitted without hassles in Nursery.

The inseparable duo like the pair in “Gunday” were also working secretly on an alphabet book for the kids.  The book was planned to have 49 alphabets instead of Twenty Six.  Samples of the deciphered alphabets are listed:

A for AAP; B for Bharti; C for Car (bina Batti Wali) or Cough; D for Dharna ; E for EmanDari; F for Faking News ( the news site which covers AAP the most); G for GaddeDar (Gaddar) Chetan Bhagat; H for Haryana ; I for Ilmi or Imli; J for Jung (fight the Lieutenant); K for Khirki Extension;  L for  Line Man Arvind ( his en devours at electric poles)  ; M for Mohalla Sabha ; N for No of NaNa Patekar; O for    ; P for the “P’s and “Q’s of Asutosh’s English;  Q for Questions only and no answers; R  for Rakhi Bidlan and Ball on her wind Screen : S for Social Networking  ; T for  Tamasha  ; U for  Uganda ; V for of course Viswas; W for Wagon R (neeli wali);  X for  X Rated sites of Bharti: Y for YY ; Z for ” left for the teachers of  kindergarten to work upon”.