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The Exodus

23, Apr 2014 By nandakumar

With the counting day fast approaching, there are many who fear it would be their ‘D Day’. With Narendra Modi almost occupying the PM’s chair, many stalwarts, intellectuals and others are spending sleepless nights and counting their last few days of stay in India.

There has been considerable debate and difference of opinion as to whether a ’Modi Wave’ exists in the on going elections. However there is certainly a wave of personalities going away from India post counting day.

This has been proved by the fact that no flight ticket is available for any International destination from any metro in India on any Airline on 16th, of May.  A detailed sting operation by Faking News reporters has revealed the names of passengers who are taking the flight on ‘D Day’.

Deve Gowda is flying to Addis Ababa to settle down in Ethiopia and help the ‘poor’ farmers there.

U.R.Ananthamurthy is flying to Los Angeles to protect the Indian  software populace there from the apartheid policies unleashed by the Obama administration.

A 65 member group is travelling incognito to Moscow  by Aeroflot after their written appeal to Obama to stop Modi from going anywhere failed.

A Boeing aircraft from Alitalia is on standby at the IGI terminal in New Delhi ready to take off at short notice to Sicily or Milan. No guesses as to who the passengers would be!!

Some from the  Bollywood fraternity have booked on Emirates flights to Dubai. Quatar airlines is operating a special flight from Jaipur to Istanbul. Gehlot and Sachin Pilot are  taking this flight to meet and settle down amongst their ‘Facebook Likes’ in Turkey.

The travel plans of Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Girish Karnad, Vir Sanghvi, Manu Singhvi, Chidambaram, Mani Shanker Ayyar and other intellectuals are a closely guarded secret and will be known only after they reach their safe havens or after they change their stance before May 16th.

After the announcement made by Giriraj Singh the Samjautha express train and the bus service to Lahore is fully booked. True to his word Tagodia has travelled to Attari border and has put up a banner “welcome to Bajrang Bhoomi” at the check post facing Pakistan.

In such a pal of gloom when India is to be deserted only two persons are extremely happy. One is Mamata after she heard IB reports that Bangla Deshis are planning to move into India to make up for the loss in population due to exodus; this will enhance her winning chances in all West Bengal elections in future.

The other person is Nandan Nilekani for the simple reason that all these Bangla Deshis will voluntarily apply for AADHAR and add to his popularity.

Watch out for the EXODUS!!

‘D Day’ 16th,May.