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The CONgress 2014 election ticket mandatory application form

06, Sep 2013 By Venkat Parthasarathy

Devised by Shri. Rahul Gandhi

Please Note before filling the Form:

  1. All 21 Questions Must  be answered.
  2. Only Yes or No to be ticked
  3. Please attempt to fill the Form Only if You are atleast Rs. 100 Crores Worth (Only for Ticket screening purpose, will not be revealed to EC)
  4. No recommendations accepted (except from Digvijaya Singh, Manish Tewari, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Renuka Chowdhary, Ahmed Patel and Barkha Dutt)

Name:_______________________________ Age____ Sex_____ 

State______________ Contituency______________________ Net Worth (Rs. in Crores)____________ (attach proof)

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul telling that you are allowed to give only one NO as an answer.

Q 1. Do you “Feel ashamed to be called an Indian”?                                               Yes       No

Q 2. Is politics in your shirt and pants and everywhere?                                          Yes       No

Q 3. Do you own a bee-hive in your home                                                            Yes       No

Q 4. Do you Agree “India is bigger than Europe and US put together”?                 Yes       No

Q 5. Do you agree ‘Poverty is a state of mind’                                                         Yes       No

Q 6. Have you ever applied pressure on someone by squeezing their hand (like I did to the Chinese Secretary)    Yes       No

Q 7. Have you ever hugged another person to express soft approach?                    Yes       No

Q 9. Do you agree “Hindu extremists are more dangerous than Lashkar-e-Taiba”?       Yes       No

Q 10. Have you ever been to a New York yoga centre?                                         Yes       No

Q 11. Agree with me that “99% of terror attacks have stopped under UPA rule”? Yes       No

Q 12. Have you ever visited a night club in Spain?                                                 Yes       No

Q 13. Would you like to address me as ‘Boss’ (PM)                                                       Yes       No

Q 14. Do you think India’s water problem can be solved by changing the university curriculum?  Yes       No

Q 15. Have you ever had a free lunch in a Dalit home in your constituency?        Yes       No

Q 16. Did you see Amitabh Bachchan on the screen in the Spanish night club?    Yes       No

Q 17. Have you ever provided roads in your dreams (Furnish proof)   Yes       No

Q 18. “My family divided Pakistan and created Bangladesh”    Yes       No

Q 19. Are you sure I got all the numbers in serial order without skipping any?      Yes       No

Q 20. Have you ever felt like “a man on a horse, coming charging through” to change the country?  Yes       No

Q 21. Do you own a boat? Have you ever risen with a tide?         Yes       No

PS: A minimum of 20 answers as YES will only be considered for issuing the CONgress Ticket to contest the 2014 Election.

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