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The 'childish' allegations of 'Big' leaders

04, Nov 2013 By hoaxslayer

The war of words between the B.J.P.’s P.M. candidate Narendra Modi and the P.M. aspirant and Bihar’s C.M. Nitish Kumar has recieved spectacular heights.

The duo started off by accusing of eating more then their appetite, thus leading to malnourishment in the country. And Modi invoking Sardar Vallabhai Patel, saying that malnourishment is non-existent in his state.

Nitish Kumar also announced that Modi had asked for his blessings when he contested the 2001 elections. Modi answered by humoursly telling “Look where that ended up”.

Nitish Kumar, embarassed, took refuge to making wild allegations.

“Did you forget the time when I lended you my suit so that you can have that meeting with the Japneese?”

“They said they were going to cancel their project because my suit was too negative”

‘’ I thought you about negative and positive numbers”

“You said negative numbers are used during the night and positive numbers are used during the day”

“Wait, what?! They’re not?!”

While some more childish allegations were being made, the Congress was busy drafting an ordinance which would allow hysterically funny M.P.s and M.L.As to contest elections, no matter how childish they were.

The media, too stepped-in.  Debates such as ‘’Should such childish allegations be broadcasted by sensible media?” while showing a full-length, step-by-step, remark-by-remark footage was being shown.

Another news journalist, who was busy recording statements of the people, with the intent of a ‘ground-zero report’, was start struck when both Modi and Nitish fighted in front of the camera, in the hope of getting their statement recorded; the other reporters were ROFLMAO, after listening to their argument.

Another teenage girl, who follows Serial Dramas, was quoted as saying, “They both so cute, like an old couple, you know, fighting and stuff”

Stay tuned for more updates on the story!

DISCLAIMER- The post is purely for entertainment purpose and doesn’t wish to de-fame any party/person/caste/gender and the like. I’m extremly sorry if you’ve been offended. I didn’t do it on purpose.

This post aims to highlight the current political scenario where there are wild allegations being made by many people, which mostly are baseless, and the current reaction from the Online audience.