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Thanks to Rahul Gandhi, Police have arrested a record 15,234 big thieves in a single day operation

13, May 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh is full of smiles. Why would he be feeling sad, if Police forces across India have rounded up around 15,ooo thieves in an operation that lasted a single day?

Speaking in press meet, Home Minister said, “Based on an excellent intelligence info from an intelligent politician, we kickstarted ‘Operation CoatSuitDaaku’ yesterday morning. Our excellent police force just formed teams across the urban areas alone and arrested 15, 234 high level thieves in a single day. A big kudos to our excellent police force and a big thanks to Mr. Rahul Gandhi for providing us with the excellent intel inputs.”

Robert Vadra was moved to undisclosed safehouse by BJP before Operation to arrest thieves in coat-suit was commenced.
Robert Vadra was moved to undisclosed safehouse by BJP before Operation to arrest thieves in coat-suit was commenced.

While Rajnath left the press meet immediately, we tried to contact some of our sources within Home Ministry for further info. We wanted to find out why Rajnath thanked Rahul during the press meet. We got into a phone call with one of our highly placed sources in Home Ministry.

She said, “Rahul Gandhiji, while speaking in Parliament during LAB discussion, let out an important info that ‘Big thieves come in daylight in coat-suit’. Even our best intelligence machinery had never thought in that angle. We usually will think about nabbing big thieves in the dark of the night. We also fall for the stereotype that thieves are poor and hence they come in torn shit and ugly pants. This was one of the prime reason why our Police force was unable to arrest many big thieves all these years.”

“But Rahul’s info gave us a new lead. We gave orders to Police force to look out for people who are roaming the roads at daylight wearing coat-suit. It worked out. We arrested fifteen thousand potential thieves wearing coat-suit in broad daylight.”, she concluded.

Hearing the waves of appreciation descending upon Rahul Gandhi, his ardent fans in Congress and Media urged government to bring Department of Police under Rahulji. Congress leader Divgijay Singh delivered an explosive comment, “Do you know where Rahul went during his 56-day trip? Not for massage or photo shoot. He was working undercover in Dawood gang and now he knows where Dawood is exactly. He will reveal it at the right place and right time. “