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Terrorist too secular they should be communal for their own good

24, Apr 2014 By nilamvibhishan

Speaking to Faking News reporter  BAAP’s Shokia Filmi said that terrorist have become too secular, they incinerate/bomb/shoot indiscriminately at everyone who is passing by.

They should realize who is their own and who is not, it will benefit their cause.  For an example few years back  some mad fellow sitting  in a western country said he will burn pages from Koran, a few terrorist gathered and blew up a church compound, that compound had convent library with few lakh’s of Koran copies, so they end up burning entire Koran in place  of few pages, it hurt their cause of finding place in haven badly.

So secular looking creatures!
So secular looking creatures!

They may decide to burn buildings belonging to rival religion fallowing people, but there is always a possibility like previously mentioned church holding copies of Koran, somebody who is bit scholar type might be reading holy books from all major religions. Thus this is not a good idea. I think they should target homeless children/landless farmers/daily wage earners, these people do not care about any religion, they do not go to school or anywhere they can learn how to read, so they will not be stocking any religious books. In fact these people are not allowed to enter many of religious structures, thus they can not pray anyone. Doesn’t it sounds like they are real atheist of society,apparently god doesn’t believes in them!

Except for 6 odd months before election even government doesn’t believes in them for almost 4 and half years!  But ultimately, what is more important in our democratic society is sheer numbers, by targeting these they can finish off several thousand non-believers in a jiffy, as they have no security.

By saving religious structures and saying clearly that they will not be targeted in future, they will get fallowing among all religions, if one religion denies them haven after death, other one will surely open its door to haven! Thus for their own good, terrorist should target this true atheist community only!