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Telangana MLAs angry against voice voting; court case filed against AP assembly speaker

01, Feb 2014 By Ddddd

Hyderabad. Soon after the AP Reorganization Bill, 2013 got rejected in the State Assembly of Andhra Pradesh; the dis-satisfied Telangana MLAs have been reported to have filed a case in the High Court against the Speaker Nadendla Manohar. According to the filed complaint, the angry group of Telangana MLAs headed by T Harish Rao have cited massive irregularities being observed during the whole process of discussions on the Bill.

“Voice Voting Is Undemocratic!” says Telangana MLA T Harish Rao.

On contacting T Harish Rao, he raised convincing points about the complaint.

“We as a country are struggling in growth, our GDP growth has been decreasing. In such a sad national scenario, we are doing such a noble work by fighting against the corrupt and tyrant MLAs of the national dynasty-based party to give an increased number of States to India. At least some number of national importance like the number of States should show an increase, if not the GDP numbers.”

On being asked about the irregularities which they felt were observed, he gave an angry reply:

“Most importantly, we condemn the usage of voice voting for an issue of such a huge national and international importance. The Bill was rejected through voice voting. I am completely against this undemocratic process. A recent research report published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America has suggested that such a process serves to destroy democracy. You are a journalist, you should read such journals.”

Before our brave journalist could try to clarify the origin of the word journalist, he continued:

“And I am also angry over the manufacturers of the tables in our Assembly. When I tried to rush to the Speaker to punch some sense into him, I tripped over a table and fell down. I am also planning to file a court case against the furniture providers.”

Our journalist had had enough material required to have a full blown story till then, and hence decided to leave. But it seemed T Harish Rao had one last line to add:

“And you know what? You haven’t even talked about the real issue here. The real issue is women empowerment!”

Update: Soon after our journalist sent this exclusive report to us, we received his resignation letter requesting an indefinite leave from work expressing his inability to handle any more speeches and interviews consisting of issues related to women empowerment.