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Telangana Bill is for Olympics and Big Boss

14, Feb 2014 By messiah

The recent acts of “Pharley” by our parliamentarians seems to have left the whole country agitated over the presence of incompetent electoral bodies in our country. They seem to be frustrated by the corruption and nepotism that they have been subjected to over and over again over last several decades and some mass movement, it seems, is taking shape.

Amid the growing mistrust of people towards institutions the newly constituted e-dharna party “aaps” is all set to make yet another headway in people’s hearts and its supremo Mr. Anshan Wal has already declared that he will sit on fast unto death till the government bows to his following demands:-

• Hold free and fair elections for posts of Desi Olympic Association (DOA) • Punish Corrupt officials • Set up “Baal Khelpal” to monitor all sports selection and talent search programs od DOA.

Another party leader Deewana Mastana pointed out that the country was awed by the performance of MPs in Chappalus throw, Pennius Throw, Rapid Spraying, Double trap kicking and Relay shouting. He said that it was such a shame that in spite of having such talents the country fails make its presence felt in Olympics. His personal assessment was that if their had been met earlier, we could have won atleast 16 medals in Sochi Olympics itslef. He said that we need to put use the precious talent of these veterans and not waste them. In his characteristic poetic style he added

Koi paper phade , to koi chappal se maare Pahene safed dhoti kurta dekho aaye desh ke sitare Ye DOA ki galti hai, jo inki kimat na pechane Bas khelpal hi bhar sakta hai ye jakhm ab pyare

Meanwhile a member of another party claiming to have real insider knowledge ridiculed aaps dharna as drama. He said that the MPs gave no shit about Olympics and as their prospects in next elections seems completely doomed, they hoped that their talent will be noticed by BIG BOSS and they will get hitched for its next season. He declared that their next drama will be on prime time television and candidly added that “if rakhi can do it why can’t we”.