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Tejasvi stands to face father's strain

31, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Opportunism influences the course of politics. Once settled as staunch associates became unreliable foes afterwards. If everything is fair in love and war, there is nothing incorrect in the politics. Lalu seemed to have got the political maturity of Tejasvi Yadav. He has certainly found a new young volatile politician. This upheaval in the state politics produced another Young Lalu. This exquisite extraordinary gain was supposed to be his biggest satisfaction of his old age. He could still roar with the same intensity that used to be his ingrained attribute.

He has called a gathering of all like-minded politicians to counter Nitish Kumar’s restoration of relationship with the BJP. After an extensive gap of 20-month long trusted bonding their unity collapsed like the rains have played havoc in certain states. Old Lalu was crestfallen completely. It was later reported that the soft-spoken Nitish Kumar offered his deep apology for parting ways from the RJD leader Lalu Yadav. Although Lalu Yadav appealed him to reconsider his inner soul’s voice yet the determined Janata Dal (U) leader did not think thrice on his senior’s suggestion.

When both the leaders were aware of the severance, all the hue and cry over this separation appears redundant. It was a matter of time and faith. Nitish Kumar’call ten minutes prior to his resignation removed the veil by that time. As Nitish Kumar made it clear that the persisting situation was unbearable for him and he without further delay sparked off the touchy metamorphose. Exaggeration is the definition of talent in which Lalu Yadav is expert.  Whether he will be able to gain anything in months to come is a mystery yet. He might consider Nitish Kumar’s move as a deadly error but the Bhartiya Janata Party’s active support removes false placidity of our politics.