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Tapas Pal claims he was rehearsing for his upcoming movie

09, Jul 2014 By Pen10

After a series of videos showing Mr. Tapas Pal urging his supporters to chop, burn and rape opposition voters went public the Trinamool MP and Bengali actor has claimed that those are videos where he is actually rehearsing for his upcoming Bengali movie MP jokhon rapist (When an MP becomes a rapist).

The movie is purportedly being directed by the great Bengali film director Mr. Swapan Saha who has on previous occasions delivered superhit and deeply philosophical Bengali potboilers like Manush keno Beiman (Why do people betray?), Baba keno chakor (Why is the father a servant?) and Shontan jokhon shotru (When the children are enemies).

Tapas dada.

“I was not sure if I would win the elections,” Mr. Pal told Faking News, “If I lost the elections I would have to go back to acting. So I signed a new film with Swapan Da. What you see in the videos are actually rehearsals of that film. It doubled up as an election campaign so that we could get into the character of the film.”

When asked why are there such vitriolic dialogues in the film Mr. Pal said, “These dialogues earn us claps and wolf-whistles. This is what people pay their money for. Fans of Swapan Da root for his films only because they have these dialogues.”

Trinamool national spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Derek O’Brien tweeted, “It is utterly shameful for the media to highlight a film rehearsal to defame our party and our leader Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Come and see the development done in Bengal. #paidmedia.”

Trinamool supremo Ms. Mamata Banerjee said, “For 34 years there was no development in Bengal. Now when good films are being made and Bengal is developing the media is highlighting a film rehearsal as an election speech. This is the conspiracy of the CPM, Maoists, Congress, BJP , Obama and Putin to defame our party and Bengal. In protest we have decided to give Swapan and Tapas Bongobibhushans next year. Shahrukh will dance at the ceremony.”