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Tamil Nadu's new CM Panneerselvam to be cloned, as CMs of other states too want him for emergency

29, Sep 2014 By RT

Chennai. The lesser known O. Panneerselvam (the newly sworn-in chief minister of Tamil Nadu) has suddenly found himself to be of national scientific research interest.

This is after the selection of Mr. OPS to be the interim chief minister of Tamil Nadu by JJ, post the verdict on 27th Sep – on a DA case.

Panneerselvam in action.

Almost all the other sitting chief ministers of the states in India telephoned Jayalalithaa. Amma was initially overwhelmed and later annoyed because everyone who called wanted to know only about Mr.OPS. How, in the world, they wondered, that JJ can trust somebody to be an interim CM, for tow times. They cannot find anybody that trustworthy or loyal in their own council, all the other CMs confided.

It is the degree of trust, JJ explained. In Mr. OPS’s case the degree varies between two numbers – 0° or 45°. 45° is when Mr. OPS bends down to greet JJ with folded hands whenever the leader is within the visible sight (or) sometimes whenever the leader’s car is within the visible sight. 0° is when Mr. OPS falls flat at the leader’s feat (or) oftentimes at one of the tyres of the leader’s car.

JJ explained that the benchmark is 45°. The moment the number goes above 45°, ‘find another loyalist!’. Also, the compliance has to be one hundred percent. No exceptions! Although there are several other loyalists who compete against Mr. OPS with the techniques of 0° or 45°, what tilted the scales towards Mr. OPS were the novel ideas Mr. OPS employs, when it comes to absolute surrender of self-esteem literally at the feet of JJ.

Whenever someone says the name ‘Amma’, Mr. OPS can be seen with folded hands. One photograph that JJ personally liked was when Mr. OPS was seen eating a birthday cake on her 66th birthday, with folded hands. ‘Take that! Other CMs of India!’, JJ beamed.

At the end of the several telephone calls, almost all of them surrendered that they can never find, in their lifetime, someone like Mr. OPS and asked that in the event they are convicted or jailed, that Mr. OPS be loaned to them as interim CM with direct orders from Amma. JJ could not suppress a smile even during the difficult times and suggested that he be cloned, considering the possibilities of several such events in the future.

NDRI who have created the country’s first cloned buffalo are to be summoned to create the country’s first proxy-CM clone!

JJ agreed to fund the entire research program as a gift to other states’ CMs. The new clone is to be named ‘AMMAGIRI’ a slight play on the word ‘GARIMA’, the buffalo, which was born at NDRI. AMMAGIRI can be sent to any state in India, except Karnataka or Kerala, JJ strictly ordered.