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Tamil Nadu government bans Kashmiri girls' rock band

02, Feb 2013 By Shiva Kumar Dhivakar

Chennai: In a shocking move, the Tamil Nadu government banned Pragaash, the Kashmir all-girls rock band, from performing in the state. This decision was taken after the band’s social-networking page was flooded with threats and abuses from Islamic fundamentalists.

Class 10 girls Farah, Aneka and Noma named their band to mean ‘from darkness to light’

Addressing the reporters gathered in front of her Poes Garden residence, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa said, “We are a peaceful state and we don’t want any law and order problems here. Various Muslim representatives met me and submitted memorandums saying the rock band hurt their sentiments. So I felt it’s better to prevent the show rather than allowing it to happen and then silencing the protests after they turn violent. Moreover, it’s practically impossible to provide the girls security while our policemen are busy filing cases against the opposition members.”

When our Faking News reporter reminded her that the rock band had no idea of performing in Tamil Nadu, the CM clenched her fists and shot an angry look at him.

“What nonsense is this?” she wailed, “This is a clear indication of the step-motherly treatment meted out to non-UPA states by the Central government. They don’t give us funds and they don’t even allow us to create controversies and generate our own funds!”

Protests erupted on Twitter with music fans alleging that the State government was trying to suppress the basic freedom of speech. Various top Bollywood celebrities spoke in support of the girls’ band after googling about it.

DMK leader and UPA ally M. Karunanithi too joined the chorus demanding the State should revoke its ban.

“Jayalalithaa always had a strong aversion towards co-female performers,” commented the octogenarian, “When former Chief Minister M.G.R was in films, Jayalalitha sent him a letter asking him not to act with any other actresses apart from herself.”

When asked if he had any proof to defend his accusation, the former CM replied, “I myself delivered that letter to him. What more proof do you want?”