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Taking Modi's jibe seriously, Rahul to shift to stand up comedy

29, Apr 2014 By fakir

Taking cue from Narendra Modi’s ‘stand up comedy’ jibe seriously, the Gandhi scion has decided to shift careers and bring up his own comedy show titled ‘Comedy of Errors by Rahul’.

What started as a war of words between the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has now paved way for a new career prospect for the youth icon, that is Rahul.

Alleging Kapil Sharma’s show of showing women as the butt of every joke, Rahul Gandhi said, “Had it not been for Modi uncle, I’d never have realized my real calling. It was this message I wanted to convey to Arnab Da but he did not want the nation to know it. But, now with the blessing of mummy and didi, I am ready to take the plunge.”

cracking jokes after another

If reports are to be believed, some senior Congress leaders will also be joining Rahul Baba’s bandwagon and be a part of the show. Senior party leader Kapil Sibal was among the first to express his desire to be Rahul’s cohort.

“Sharing the screen with a visionary like Rahul Baba is a great honor. We always knew that he has bigger plans for Women empowerment. And now he has shown it.” Sibal is believed to cherish the role of Navjyot Singh Sidhhu and laugh at the jokes cracked by Rahul.

However, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had a totally different take on the entire episode. “It is a ploy to reap a larger audience and fool the Aam Admi. We will not sit silent. We will make advertisements and show them right before the show like Mukesh Harane’s anti-tobacco ad shown at the multiplexes,” fumed Kejriwal. But congress leader Digvijaya Singh ridiculed Kejriwal’s statement accusing him of anti-women adherence. “He calls his party as the aam AADMI party. What about the Aurats of the country. Is he not being a male chauvinist person (read pig),”

Meanwhile, BJP national spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi launched into a diatribe against Rahul and congress as soon as she heard about the new show. Rahul Gandhi, congress leaders and media persons are currently shifting through the pages of Oxford dictionary to unearth the meaning behind her words.