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Taking inspiration from success of AAP's 'Jhadu Chalao Andolan', BJP changing its name to 'Bhartiya Jamadar Party'

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Arvind Kejriwal and his ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ have touched many hearts in this country, their clean politics philosophy and innovative ideas not only arising the interest of common man in politics but also affected many hearts of  ‘pre-paid’ politicians of this country(In prepaid you don’t have to pay service tax).

After the successful campaign of  ‘Jhadu Chalao Andolan’ in Delhi conducted by AAP, now BJP decided to change its name from ‘Bhartiya Janta Party’ to ‘Bhartiya Jamadar Party’. When we contacted ‘Namo'(nia) about this, his reaction was: ‘This country has witnessed dirty politics since the Independence, SahebJades and ‘Jorus, Biwis and mute Ghulams’ have made this sacred business full of dirt and Goo, condition is such worse that no ‘Broom’ can clean it alone, so we have pledged to become new ‘Jamadars’ for this country and commited to clean this country from dirty politics, because it’s a hell’s pit now and we have to clean it with ‘Harpic’ only such mega mind effective formula can clean this politics.

Here BJP is looking committed to clean Indian Politics and they are even such humble to get inspiration from their rivalries(now manifestos ain’t the only thing that can be taken). Even the so called ‘Allies’ of BJP suggesting that AAP should be renamed to ‘Ameer Aadmi Party’ for their rich and enrich thoughts and ideology( this has nothing to do with the Kejriwal’s apt to handle such large amount of donations he received).

Taking inspiration from BJP even NDA, SP, BSP and other parties  also pondering over different cleaners name to connect with the real situation politics of this country is facing.And even they will welcome any clever suggestions from you also, so please participate and give your suggestions in this mega battle of cleanliness.