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Taking cue from Hamas, Congress celebrates its 2014 Lok Sabha victory

29, Aug 2014 By manithan

New Delhi: Taking cue from Hamas, Congress have celebrated a self-proclaimed ‘victory’ over BJP with fireworks and street parties three months after the announcement of results of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. This has created surprise and shock in many quarters, leaving even certain Congress workers confused.

A Youth Congress worker celebrating the victory of Congress in the recent Lok Sabha elections.
A Youth Congress worker celebrating the victory of Congress in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

On the streets of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, yesterday, Congress workers and ministers alike were seen distributing sweets and bursting crackers, waving the hand symbol riding in bikes.

Raj Sharma, a local Congress leader, was jubilant, when we stopped him to ask the reason for sudden celebration. Over the roar, he said, “Suddenly, we got a message from 10 Janpath to celebrate our victory in Lok Sabha elections. Since the announcement came from Rahulji himself, we are following it without any questions. We celebrate because we won in the elections. Be it 44 or 284, a win is a win. Congress ki jai!”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced calls to resign amid strong criticism in the newspapers and news channels this morning over what was widely seen as a failure to deliver a full “Congress-mukt Bharat”. It was argued by India’s leading liberals that in losing 44 of his seats to Congress, Modi had made his party look weak and had effectively encouraged future wins in other seats in the local and regional elections.

“After 60 years of looting in which a family starved lakhs of poor people, destroyed the country and placed the country in a state of economic distress…we could have expected much more than an 272+ majority,” an analyst wrote in the Times of India. “We could have expected the prime minister to go to the President’s Residence and inform him of his decision to resign his post.”

BJP said it dealt a strong blow to Congress, sending home several of its leaders and even sending their governors to North East. But BJP also faced persistent traps left by Congress for nearly three months that caused an exodus of many right-wings to left and this became part of daily breaking news in this commercial hate media. Almost all of the Internet Hindus view Congress as a dynasty and are seeking guarantees that Rahul Gandhi’s words will not enter the aural territory of 1.2 billion people.

“Today we declare the victory of the resistance, today we declare the victory of Congress,” Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha announced. He continued, “We will urge the nations of the world to declare BJP an occupier of our Parliament seats. We are denied seats, which is apartheid. Hence, BJP is an colonial occupier and practises apartheid. UN should pass a resolution to remove BJP from India and free Congress. Pray For Congress!”

“The Indians expected a leader, a statesman who knows what he wants to achieve, someone who makes decisions and engages in a sincere and real dialogue with his public,” Siddarth Varadarajan wrote in the FrontLine. “They received a seasoned spokesperson, and very little beyond that.”

On hearing this news, a Hamas “fighter” on anonymity, commented to us, “Well, it seems Indian Congress forced India to support us in the UN resolution. And now they get inspired from us. That is a great news!” . When we asked him the reason for their celebrations in Gaza, he said, “Did you see the whole world turn against Israel, even after we started the war, fired missiles from civilian areas, broke ceasefires, used human shields, did not construct bomb shelters, etc? Well, if this is not a victory, what else is?”