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Taking cue from Abhishek Singhvi, nursery kid tells teacher "termites ate my notebook"

12, Nov 2014 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: A preschool teacher named Sonia Sharma got all furious early in the day today when one of her students made a silly excuse when asked about his homework. The angry teacher slapped the kid hard enough to leave a red mark on his face which cost her her job as kid’s parents reported it to the principle on the very day.

Diggi too laughed at excuse before tweeting
Diggi too laughed at excuse before tweeting

“Tinku is always been a sluggish student, he never finishes his homework. Today, he didn’t even bring his notebook in class. When I asked him about the notebook he casually told me that the termites in his study room ate it all,”  Sonia said while protesting against the school management.

“I usually keep my calm while dealing with such stubborn kids but today it was too much to handle. I told him that you’re Tinku not Rahul Gandhi, you can’t keep repeating your mistakes again and again. Afraid of punishment he made this silly termite excuse which made me angrier and I slapped him,” Sonia further said.

On the other hand Tinku is all rejoiced after learning about this new excuse.

“I know I am not a bright student. The last time I got an A+ was when my doctor handed over me my blood group report. But this is one hell of an excuse for students like me. Till morning I was all anxious but then I saw this news on TV. It was so inspiring hearing Abhishek Singhvi that I tore off my notebook and made up my mind instantly,” Tinku stated.

“Thank God that the termites didn’t eat any of his money but were intelligent enough to eat out all his expense vouchers,” Tinku said sighing.

Meanwhile Abhishek Singhvi’s co-party worker Digvijay Singh has come out to support the troubled lawyer.

“It’s the first time a congressperson has helped a countryman, we should at-least appreciate it,” Digvijay tweeted after the news went viral on social network.