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T1 trucks to run on Modi Oil; unmoved Akhilesh quotes Schindler

22, Mar 2014 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Following Don Corleone’s philosophy that the one you help today owes you a favour tomorrow, Narendra Modi seems to have got it right on track—yes, the Buddh International racetrack.

Narendra Modi

The spokesperson of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) informed the media here today that the 12 Tata PRIMA trucks participating in T1 PRIMA Truck Racing—brought to India for the first time by Tata Motors—to be held at the internationally acclaimed Buddh Circuit on 23rd March would be running on the newly engineered Modi Oil, instead of the old-school Moto Oil.

Sources close to the BJP prime ministerial candidate have confirmed the announcement. But they have simultaneously rejected the widespread speculation that the move comes as a token of gratitude towards Modi from the Tata bosses in return for the staggering subsidies offered by the Gujarat government to the automobile giant for its Nano plant and other projects in the past.

“It is baseless to assume”, they quoted, “that the change of oil is the outcome of a sanction that Tata received long back, of a loan worth 9570 crores at 0.1% interest, to be paid back on a monthly basis after 20 years, in addition to land at much below market rates, with stamp duty, registration charges, and electricity paid for by the state”.

“The reason behind the fuel’s introduction is nothing but noble in nature”, one of the sources argued.

According to the research team, composed of vibrant, top minds handpicked from Gujarat Technical University by Modi himself—and now credited with the synthesis of Modi Oil—the fuel offers high efficiency and low levels of environmental pollution. The crystal-clear appearance of the fluid imbibes the transparency of Gujarat Development Model, and purity of the Gujarat Dairy. To top all this, the degree of oil’s user-friendliness is high as the state’s GDP, and performance fulfilling as a dhokla meal.

While lauding the ingenuity of the effort, senior BJP leaders, careful of the code of conduct, have discarded the event as an attempt to progress further the Modi Wave in UP, saying the party would never mix sports with political antics, and also, campaigning in the critical state had already been taken care of by Modi Raths, which have a far larger field of coverage than the race trucks confined to a small track.

In addition to the saffron polity, the British drivers participating in the race, including two-time champion Steve Horne, also seem to be overwhelmed, at the warm welcome given to them. Apparently they are delighted to have received personalised Good Luck and Race Responsibly messages from Mr. Modi. The announcement that the leader has also agreed to sponsor champagne for the winners, apart from adding to the revelry, has hinted at how Gujarat might not remain a conservative dry state if Modi comes to power.

Meanwhile the clutter has drawn an interesting reaction from the UP top brass. Even as the SP supporters are miffed at the alleged branding of the oil, the UP CM has chosen not to make a big deal of the event and run like a child complaining to the Election Commission about the possible violation of poll spirit. Rather he has smugly quoted Oskar Schindler that forgiveness is the real power. A happy Mulayam on being asked by the media-persons said, “Looks like my son has finally grown-up.”