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Sweeping changes - An Acche Din Initiative

06, Oct 2014 By ricky1994

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” proclaimed Nehru. At the dawn of 2nd Oct 2014, many years on, India awoke to a PM with a broom and an ambition. To be fair, the broom raised more interest and awe than the speech, which should have ideally heralded India into the new era. So India has been witness to another Mr Modi ‘Karnama’ as he set out to clean the roads himself to mark the birth anniversary of our beloved Mahatma Gandhi and also set to motion the “ Swachh Bharat” abhiyaan. On 2nd morning, Mr  Modi was seen out near the Mandir Marg police station and near Valmiki Sadan cleaning the roads with a broom. This incident has in turn motivated lot of pseudo patriots to take to the streets and clean the roads.

Narendra Modi
Inspiring India

One of such enthusiasts is Vibhuti Ghosh (name changed for no apparent reason), who is a bold and independent 17 year old resident of GK, Delhi. The secretary at her school’s environment club, Vibhuti has been enamored by Modiji personality and takes his initiatives as a personal commitment. After having heard Modiji’s speech, she too set out to do her part. Such was her resolve that as she set out to her ‘overly-expensive’ GK boutique to prepare for the Durga Pujo, she made sure that she picked up the tuft of hair off the ground. Of what followed were a string of selfies with the hair balls and series of Instagram pictures hash-tagged #Modi #cleanlinessplan #MGbday.

On one side when the likes of Vibhuti were at their parlors, Hussain was nominating his buddies to a ‘Harpic Toilet cleaning Bucket’ challenge wherein you are supposed to barge into other people’s homes with a camera and record the same while you are at it. NSS wings of numerous colleges too joined in to initiate the cleanliness drive. Unfortunately while they were out at the Rajpath, trying to rid it of the Ice Cream walas and the families enjoying their day off, they were ensnared into an argumentative scene as snatching ice creams off children’s hand didn’t fashion out to be a very compelling way of cleaning.

Amongst all the hullabaloo of cleanliness, stars like Veena Malik known for a clean image, sought this opportunity to make a comeback into India without any Visa troubles. She has promised to lend her face to ‘Clean India’ project and also to instill a sense of social and moral responsibility by posing nude for a pan India promotional feature. Other stars like Fardeen Khan and Tushar Kapoor have promised to use their glamour quotient to glamourize cleaning.

Since, an advent of any social initiative is incomplete without our messiah of anti-corruption crusade, Mr Kejriwal has had a different opinion on this issue. Mr Kejriwal sees this as an act of appeasement by the BJP by using AAP’s symbol so as to persuade it to form a government in Delhi. But then, out Kejru is all “No Can Do”.

Meanwhile, as we move towards ‘ Ache Saaf Sutre Din’ , our team just hopes that the “ghost employee” of the Delhi Municipality in-charge of the Valmike Sadan area doesn’t get browbeaten for that mess out there.