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Sushma, Vasundhara, Pankaja and Smriti to form the #DespiteBeingAWoman Scam Club: RaGa Goes on strike

25, Jun 2015 By dashy

Considering that all the scams which are being brought to front feature the Women Leaders of the party,  Hon. PM Modi has had the fantastic idea of letting them form their own Scam Club.

Allegedly, Modi himself has suggested this name, based on his Bangladesh Visit and remembering his conversation with Sheikh Hasina and the famous Hashtag that followed..

My drunk sources report, that Smriti Irani will be made the head of this Club and entry to the club will be by invitation only. Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje are being made the Secretary and the Treasurer of this newly formed club. Ms. Raje has accepted the position on the only condition that her name would be kept a secret as in Lalit Modi’s case.

Members of the new club
Members of the new club

Pankaja Munde has been selected as the State Convenor for Maharashtra for this club, owing to her excellent Strike Rate of Rs. 206 Crores in a mere 24 hours.

The criteria is pretty simple. The Ladies need to be involved in some scam, even if its only an alleged scam and that they should be from BJP.

Times Now has promised to start a whole new channel for this particular club. The channel will be named “BJP BombaBomb News” and have Arnab Goswami screaming his lungs out at us in a 24 X 7 coverage with special appearances on “The Gossip Hour” by Navika Kumar.

My drunk sources also reported that, Rakhi Birla of AAP and Sonia Gandhi of Congress have been denied entry without a second thought and their applications have been thrown into the dustbin under the Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan Scheme.

A very livid and furious Rahul Gandhi, is now planning a protest against this.

“I have been the one who has been screaming about Women Empowerment all the time and they dont allow my own Mom an entry in this club??”, RaGa screamed, outraged, during the commercial break of Chota Bheem on PoGo.

Disclaimer: The Party Lines for joining BJP are now open. Any Ladies who want to join this Club have to register as Party Members first by dialing 1800-420420420 and then press the Lotus sign