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Sushma, Raje, Irani and Pankaja complain to UN against bias against women

26, Jun 2015 By hemanshow

The group of four women BJP leaders (called RIPS for Raje-Irani-Pankaja-Sushma by their supporters) slammed politicians and media for singling them out (in scams or helping absconder Lalit Modi of #LalitGate fame).

Losing hope from India Inc, they have decided to plead for help in United Nations. Adani Corporate House has happily agreed to lend his fleet of air-planes for their trip to UN in New York City.

Targeted due to their gender?
Targeted due to their gender?

While talking to media, their representative said that media is only targeting their silly little mistakes while other corrupt politicians are enjoying freedom. They blamed it on Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal. They said Kejriwal doesn’t like women and that is why he has not kept any woman minister in his cabinet in Delhi state government.

Central Minister Sushma Swaraj categorically threatened to shave her head if this is not stopped soon. Her many supporters groups have reportedly started fighting over who has the right to preserve Sushma ji’s hair. Some want to sell it to wig companies and donate the money for the welfare of women politicians. While others want to offer it to Balaji temple in AndhraPradesh.

It is heard through the grapevine that to evade misfortune which might befall on them, they are also planning to host a “Har Har Modi” Yagya for blessings from PM Narendra Modi.

Sources in PMO say that PM Modi has gone into meditation hoping that this episode will pass soon. If it doesn’t, then PM is planning to go to North and South Pole for business deals, because these are the only places left where he hasn’t visited in last 12 months since he became PM.

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