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Supreme court sets 80 percentile in CAT as minimum eligibility to be MP

11, Sep 2013 By superman

In one of the most awaited verdict, Supreme Court  has enforced a cutoff of 80 percentile in CAT examination for all  persons applying for MP post.

Supreme court has passed this order when there is only 3 weeks left  for the CAT examinations. When asked about the timings of the verdict one of the judge said, “We want to make sure all parties gets enough time to prepare. We have also asked IIM’s to put more sample papers on website for practice”.

With in couple of hours of verdict there has been an increase in the number of MP’s reporting high fever and headache. Congress  found to be leading the front.

When asked for reaction from Congress spokesperson, he refused to speak. Another MP of Congress outbursted in front of media and said, “We strongly object to this verdict. This is a discrimination against Rahul ji and Sonia Ji. How can they  expect us to score 80 percentile when a  below average IQ person score not more than 50 percentile. We will challenge the verdict.”

When media team reached at Lalu’s home,team was surprised by the expression of Lalu ji. Lalu ji was quite relaxed and sleeping on his house’s roof.

After some efforts, we managed to get his reactions and  he said, “Jab hum graduate hi nahi hain to CAT dene ka to matlab hi nahi banta , ab CAT denge hi nahi to 80 percentile kahn se aayege . Hum per to Court ka order apply hi nahi hota hain. Issme humar kya galti ? hum to balki khud dena chhate hain”.

After Lalu’s reactions, Supreme Court has asked IIM’s to keep CAT flexible for all type of people irrespective of their education degree and since that time Lalu ji has been seen figthing with Rabdi Devi and convincing her to give the exam.

We also went to Mulayam’s singh house and he also seemed quite relaxed and said,” I knew about the verdict long before and that’s why I spent 5 crore in bribe so that Akhilu can get a degree. I am sure he will easily pass the exam.”

We also asked about his plan for passing the exam and he said, ” I have asked 1 million of my party supporters to appear in exam and write nothing. I just have to score 1 mark and I will be able to score 80 percentile. Remember 80% and 80 percentile are different” . Our team totally got impressed with his strategy and left the place.

BJP declined to comment. BJP has appealed to supreme court to revisit its verdict. BJP is demanding a minimum cut off of 95 percentile. One of BJP spokesperson told CNN, ” I am confident that no congress person will be able to clear new  cutoff. Atleast Modi ji will able to clear the exam.”

Our team din’t  have to wait much for the AAP’s reactions. As always AAP is in support of Supreme court decision.