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Supreme court to order an SIT probe for the whereabouts of secular votes in UP

11, Mar 2017 By Akshay Dhar

As BJP’s aggressive election campaign resulted in a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh with over 300 seats, it has raised several questions in the minds of various political leaders across party lines. Since the SP-Congress alliance was primarily stitched for the cause of secularism, it has left the gathbandhan and other parties wondering that where did the secular votes go?

Traditionally, there has been a complex theory of caste and religious equations in India’s most populous state, but this time the votes were cutting across caste lines which seems to be the single biggest threat to the secular ethos of the country. Mayawati too, is shaken and astonished that her 100 tickets formula failed miserably.

Secular parties' lost asset
Secular parties’ lost asset

SP spokesperson told faking new that ” Divisions in caste and consolidation of votes through religious polarization ensures the maintained secular fabric of the country but this time there is something fishy happening around. Hence we intend to approach the honorable court and take the fight for secularism to the apex court”.

As per recent reports, BSP, SP and congress are planning to prepare a questionnaire for people of UP on secularism to introspect as to what could have happened. Also, parallely some parties are planning to personally deployed their manpower on the ground in UP across many cities, towns and villages, going door to door, interacting with people and inquiring about the “secular votes” which seem to have mystically vanished. Surprisingly, even the BJP who wasn’t expecting this result is very curious about this.

There was a unanimous decision among all the anti-BJP parties on filing a petition in the supreme court for the whereabouts of the “secular” votes. The court has acknowledged the petition and shall eventually order an SIT probe for the same. The issue earlier had also been raised with the election commission as some leader were suspecting tampering of the EVMs.