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Supreme Court defines "AAPtard", gives examples of usage of the word

18, Jul 2015 By frustmanoos

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court of India has declared that the term AAPtard is a swear word whose usage will attract severe penalties. The court made its observation while the case of Bhakt Vs AAPtard was being argued before it. The prosecution lawyer sought to nullify the argument of his opponent by calling him an AAPtard.

The judges drew a collective gasp and announced that usage of the word was an assault on the dignity of the court. The court also sought to codify the meaning of the term so that people would be more careful in using derogatory language in the future-

The term is now part of daily life

The following definitions of AAPtard were given by the court-

1. AAPtard (noun)- A cranky fellow, a madman, an inveterate liar, a fantasizer, a megalomaniac, an anarchist, a disrupter. Usage illustrated below

He is such an AAPtard that he once tried to drink petrol Only an AAPtard like him would say he has been to the moon. It was the AAPtard in him who said that he should be President.

2. AAPtard (adjective)- crazy, unintellectual, boorish, overdramatic, fake. Usage illustrated below

Shahrukh’s acting was so AAPtard in that movie. He spits on the road while walking. Thats so AAPtard. Aansutosh’s weeping while on TV was very AAPtard.

3. To AAPtard (verb)- to lie, to deceive, to take advantage of, to exploit.Usage illustrated below

He AAPtards his tenants into paying more rent. She AAPtarded her servant to lift 10 kgs of grocery. He will AAPtard this situation to his advantage at the cost of his neighbour.

4. AAPtardly (adverb)- surreptitiously, cunningly, brazenly.Usage illustrated below

How AAPtardly he accumulated all his wealth He parked his car AAPtardly in the middle of the road. The old woman’s son made her sign a will that AAPtardly transferred all her assets to him.

5. In Hindi/Bhojpuri

काहे लिए AAPtard-iyaa रहे हो? कहा ना खिलौना ला देंगे? सारी जमीन हड़प गया वह AAPtard कहीं का