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Supreme Court declares Government ads will only feature the President, PM and Chief Minister

15, May 2015 By Anand Srivastava

New Delhi. The Supreme Court gave its final decision of exclusively featuring the Chief Justice, Prime Minister and the President in government Advertisements. This declaration has caused havoc in the Indian Parliament. Politicians have threatened to go on strike and stop working for an entire year. They believe, apart from being deprived of having a career in advertising, they have also lost the MEAGRE income that they earned through ads.

Due to this unfair judgement, the all paid vacation will have to be cancelled. This trip sponsored by the people of India, is in honor of the exceptional work done by the politicians. Unfortunately, this year this trip will have to be cancelled.

One of the politicians stated, “Last year we went to foreign countries. We saw the London and America. But this year this rule by the Supreme Court has left us in shock.”

These politicians will not even be able to take their personal monthly vacation abroad. Apart from compromising on the world tour, they will also have to give up luxuries like rooms with spas, renting Lamborghini and spending on food they cannot pronounce.

When asked how he will manage without a vacation, an MP replied, “I understand the Supreme Court has had to cut the budget. This is okay for me. I will take family on backpacking trip to the Paris hotels. Hotel Lodging is very good there and we can stay near Eiffel Tower.”

Another Politician also suggested to have already booked a room in a cheap hotel called the Latin Quarter in Paris. When asked why all politicians were inclined towards Paris, the Finance Minster stated, “Paris fits in our budget. Affordable plane tickets, using the metro and walking are the options we are considering.”

On further investigation, it was clear why all the politicians chose Paris. It has been reviewed as one of the best places to visit in the month of June. An academic, a social media expert, a content strategist and a running coach, Fiona Moriarty says, “Paris is the perfect vacation from a small vacation in a hectic schedule. Apart from being tourist friendly and affordable, Paris is also politically correct.”

It looks like most of them are trying to handle this situation in a civilized manner. One of the politicians has agreed to compromise and will now use the AirBNB service and rent an apartment for as little as $60 a night.