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Supreme Court bans Rahul Gandhi from giving speeches

10, Sep 2013 By legendsofawesomeness

New Delhi: The Nincompoop Committee Report on the Tichkupur incident was presented in Supreme Court today. After which, Supreme Court has issued a directive that Rahul Gandhi cannot have a facebook, twitter, g+, instagram, pinterest, orkut, gmail or any other email account. He can only make speeches in cities/towns/villages/train coaches or any public place with population less than 30. No cell phones or media will be allowed so that his speeches don’t go viral. That leaves only 7 villages in the country.

rahul gandhi
Rahul thinking how he can escape this ban.

For the uninitiated, recently, Rahul Gandhi made a speech in the village of Tichkupur, where he declared that he thinks UPA government should give Bharat Ratna and a ticket for the 2014 election to Sunny Leone for her tireless efforts to improve the happiness quotient amongst Indians!

When probed about hopeful villagers about when will the food promised under Food Security bill reach them as their children are going hungry, he said ‘Hunger is a state of mind’. What followed was a nationwide uproar, with #YoRahulSoDumb trending on Twitter for 3 days.

Unfazed by this, Rahul Gandhi in a recent speech in the remote village of Tullu in south India said ‘Vegetable is a state of mind’. Experts are still trying to figure whether he was talking about the rising prices of vegetables or reacting to Narendra Modi’s tweet ‘Rahul Gandhi brings down the avg IQ of entire nation by 3 points. He is a vegetable’

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