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Superman does not wear Lal Chaddi - Digvijay Singh

26, Jul 2013 By lazyAkki

Close on the heels of his controversial statement refusing  Batla house verdict, Digvjay Singh has stunned the indian political cartoon industry by refusing to believe Super Man wears Lal Chaddi.

On being further probed by our reporter Chatur Singh ‘Chidam’ , Digvijay Sing said “I refuse to believe its a lal chaddi, i don’t think its even a chaddi  at all.

The political reaction was on expected lines. Mulayam Singh has already condemned Super Man for wearing a colored chaddi so close to Sang Parivar’s saffron color.

Hum Bhagwa Chaddi ka virod karte hain, aur  nivedan karte hain kee inki chaddi utar di jaaye. Yeh Chaddi aur Modi ke poster Secularism ke khilaaf hain”  read Mulayam’s letter to Election Commission .

Muslim MPs coming together have sent a letter to Warner Bros requesting not to allow red underwears. They have further requested the agency to change the colour to something more neutral like green

Distancing itself from his statement, Congress spokesperson  Manoj Tiwari  Manish Tiwari marked it as Digvijay Singh’s personal opinion. He further said

Let me categorically elucidate , that its only our visionary leader Rahul Gandhi ji who is entitled to wear Chaddis. Rest all including congress workers should wear lungis”

But there have been certain areas of support for the Super Hero.

Justice Katju has commended Super Man on his sartorial tastes. Accorindg to reliable source, Super Man is included in Katju’s 1 % Indians who are not stupid.

“Even Super man wears Red”  said a spokesman for Sitaram Yechury. “It just proves even Jupiterian are communists.”

BJP’s is mum on the controversy as Nirmala Sitaraman is still not sure who Super Man is. The party is searching for Hindi translation for Super Man