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Sunny Leone to campaign for Congress after Digvijay finds her videos secular and non racist

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The national  politics seem to have shrunk to a meager number game. Be it Narendra Modi or Bhupinder Singh Hooda, all are trying to prove their ‘wave’ by means of crowd gathered in their rally. Sadly Rahul Gandhi so far has not been able to catch up in the race and Congress party is trying all means and ways to gather crowd in his rally.

Secular display of body.
Secular display of body.

In another such attempt, reports suggest that Congress party is planning to bring a ‘crowd pulling’ celebrity in Rahul’s rally. Sources within the congress party have unofficially told Faking News that after weeks of research over which celebrity would be able to pull  maximum crowd, the party high command has zeroed in to the most ‘googled’ one i.e. Sunny Leone.

Senior party leaders although have not confirmed the report they also don’t deny to the question that if Sunny could be seen sitting next to Rahul in his next rally. Moreover, the congress leaders have started going all praise for Sunny and congress spokesperson Renuka Chaudhary says, “Sunny is the face of modern Indian women, we would be glad to have her in our rally.” Whereas Digvijay Singh has gone as far as calling her a true secular. He says, “We can see in all her videos that she has gone above racism and communalism. There is no doubt that Sunny Leone is a true secular and we would be more than happy to have her in our rallies.”

On the contrary the Bhartiya Janta Party has come upfront to condemn the decision calling it against the ‘Bhartiya Sanskriti’. The RSS and Shiv Sena have also called it an attempt by the Congress party to corrupt the youth of the country. A BJP spokesperson under the condition of anonymity has said, “We are giving the youth of this country a role model like Narendra Modi, but congress party is trying to dissuade them by projecting a pornstar. This is totally against our sanskriti and we are planning to call a Bharat bandh to oppose their decision.”

VHP supremo Ashoke Singhal has said that he will perform a yagya with 500 sadhus wherever such rallies happen in order to purify the place.

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