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Subramanian Swamy planning to come up with new controversy

31, Aug 2014 By chiraag

Delhi. Dr. Subramanian Swamy is planning to come up with new controversy revealed a hacked email sent to BJP President Amit Shah. He is having tough time after National Herald case, the case couldn’t fetch him publicity as expected.

“Dr. Swamy is envy of Hindu religious guru Shankaracharya ji and Sangh Pramukh Shri Mohan Bhagwat ji who are easily diverting nation’s attention from key issues like inflation, corruption, unemployment etc. to Sai Baba and Hindutva. By this they are helping Govt to hide non-performance on key issues and are in the good books of Modi ji,” said his servant.

“Nobody is discussing about him, praising him for filing cases. Saheb is frustrated, he has suddenly disappeared,” added his servant.

This time it will be against Tibetan people, reveals his aide after a bribe of Rs. 1000. He further adds he may go public with the issue after next 100 days of Govt. and will showcase his proficiency in diverting nation from key issues. But his aide refrained from telling anything concrete.

To save nation from another controversy Faking News team started probing what’s cooking in mind of Dr. Swamy. Is he going to file another case on some Tibetan guru? Or will it be asking Tibetian to say their ancestors were Indian?

Our search for the issue ended at VHP. “It’s Modak,” said a VHP leader in Delhi.

“I was present in BJP’s party meeting regarding Love Jihad issue but Dr. Swamy looked uninterested in joining the issue,” said the VHP leader. We’re shocked how Modak can create controversy in this country.

“Look at the shape of Modak and then look at the shape of Momo.  Tibetian had copied the design from India. It implies that they were Indians. They will have to accept it” is the issue of Dr. Swamy revealed the VHP leader.

He convinced all of us that this can easily attract media as well as people of the country. Since people are bored with old issues of hatred based on religion. “People want a fresh controversy,” said Dr. Swami.

“Dr. Swamy is expecting huge support from Maharastra as Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated there at a large scale, esp. from Shiv Sena,” added the VHP leader.

“People at the meeting unanimously agreed to his point that Modak came first and Momo second. The fact is Momo design has been copied 100s of years ago from Modak. Today Momo is famous everywhere but modak is not that famous except Ganpati pooja. Somehow we have to tell people that Tibetians are actually Indians and they also have to accept it.”

With this piece of information Faking News team tried to contact Dr. Subramaniam Swamy thrice but he remained unavailable for any comment.