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Subramaniam Swamy files petition in SC to annul Elections held in Delhi and Mizoram

11, Dec 2013 By nandakumar

Dr.S.Swamy, the international expert on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) today filed a petition in the Supreme Court to annul the Elections held in Delhi and Mizoram. He has pleaded in his petition that tampered EVMs were used in Delhi and Mizoram, while the EVMs used in Chattisgarh, MP and Rjasthan were not tampered.

Swamy producing evidence before media.
Swamy producing evidence before media.

According to Dr.Swami, the EVMS used in Delhi were infested with NDM1 (New Delhi Bug). This bug was purchased by AAP using the 500Rs. donated by an Indian national from the US, who holds a fake Indian Passport arranged by Dr.Swami with the help of MEA. Swami claims he has the paper trail of the fake passport, the donated money and the trail of the bug.

In a press conference he demonstrated the working of the bug infested EVM. When the button on Lotus symbol was pressed, the bug swept it away to the broom symbol and added to the tally of AAP. Similarly when the  button on the Hand symbol was pressed in was handed over(added) to the tally of NOTA.

In the case of Mizoram, he argued that the EVMS used in the 2008 elections were reused without deleting the stored data. This is proved by the fact that the Congress party won the same number of seats as it did in 2008 election. He pleaded with the SC to give him more time to trace the paper trail of the EVMs used in Mizoram. He stated that the paper trail could lead to Myanmar, China and Unnao in UP.

When reporters asked him how he was sure that the EVMs used in Chattisgarh,MP and Rjasthan were not tampered or infested with bugs he said that AAP did not contest election  in these place and that was the solid proof.

He also made a additional plea for changing the indelible ink presently used for marking on voters fingers. After demonstrating how the present ink was not indelible, he made a strong appeal for using BJP—Black Jolly Paint— which was publicly demonstrated in Shomas house recently. He claimed that this BJP would remain indelible till the 2014 elections!!

Replying to other questions he said that Sheila Dixit should apologise to Yoga Seer Baba Ram Dev for arresting him two years back. When a reporter asked Swami whether Jayalalitha has apologized to Kanchi Seers as demanded by him, Swami replied that keeping in mind the larger national interest in mind, he(Swamy) has apologized to Jayalalitha and hoped that she would canvass for him if he contests from Madurai in 2014.