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Students of the year - UP ministers on study tour

13, Jan 2014 By Tuhin Rawat

The national convention of SA-MAUJ-WADI party, held at Lucknow to discuss strategy for increasing intellectual maturity of emotionally challenged ministers of UP was organized successfully.

It has been confirmed from our sources that Mulayam Singh has successfully lobbied for a five country study tour for ministers of UP government whom IQ level have been outstandingly low coupled with emotionally challenged behavior.It has also been confirmed that special complementary packages have been offered to ministers with criminal backgrounds.

Student of the year

Speaking to us,UP Chief minister told us that,”Papa was extremely dejected and saddened by the backwardness of UP in educational , economical and social parameters on a national scale”.

Taking the initiative , starting with his ministers, he has suggested these popular minister’s welfare schemes. When asked about the budget imbalance, Mulayam Singh Yadav said that, “We have asked our finance machinery to levy heavy taxes on the prosperous population of  UP”, when reporters questioned his intentions , he stated that “We are people’s representatives and have full rights to behave like blood suckers and ass kickers, as this is the sole purpose of being a SP leader”.

After successful completion of this tour, Mulayam Singh Yadav has intentionally prepared an objective paper, comprising of at least 10 questions, asking about future PM of India and every question has been followed by single choice answer to the questions – Neta Ji.

Those candidates, who will successfully complete the course, will be eligible for the post of Officer-in-charge for “Saifai Mahotsava” and will be given complementary Gunday movie passes.