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Strip Indian citizenship of people who attend Modi rallies : Mumbai Congress Chief

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai congress chief, who has rarely been covered by media has finally hit the limelight, in what our experts consider as “Walking in papu’s footsteps”.

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We will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

It comes as no surprise, The Mumbai congress chief, Mr. Janardhan Chandurkar has once against taken a dig at BJP and its leader Modi. He has issued a stern warning to all the people attending rallies hosted by Modi, stating that their Indian citizenship would be void on doing so, just a day after threatening to strip the Bahrat Ratna from a famous singer for praising Narendra Modi.

Sources close to us say that other congress leaders believe it to be an “order” from the high command (Read “Rahul Gandhi”). On further questioning on why Rahul Gandhi personally did not make such comments, they revealed that there is a media gag order placed on him until the elections are over, anything that he wants to tell the public would undergo a review by a team of experts who have been handpicked from the social networking site, twitter, before he delivers the speech.

“Since Rahul ji wanted to make the comments immediately he had to take this alternative” added another congress leader who did not want to be named for obvious reasons.

On reaching out to Mr. Janardhan, the Mumbai Congress chief, he denied the reports of media gag on Rahul Gandhi. He insisted that it was not in the right spirit of our democracy to attend rallies which did not preach secularism. He strongly believes that terminating the citizenship is the only way to prevent to the sovereignty of the country that has been held together by congress over the years.

On being asked if he had regrets for threatening to strip off the Bharat Ratna from a famous singer for praising Modi, he quickly shot back asking what was wrong with hit, he added “Bharat Ratna is for those individuals who have done an outstanding job in their field, but being a sovereign country we cannot give away such awards to people who are not secular. We are left with no choice but to take back the award when they support the leaders who try to malign the secular image of the country”.

Finally, he also claimed that he has written a letter to Sonia Gandhi to change the award name from “Bharat Ratna” to “Rajiv Ratna”.

Congress leaders believe that it is all due to the various trolls on social networking sites who have been employed by the opposition responsible for the mess.

“People these days tweet about Rahul Ji and other congress leaders making a foot in the mouth comment even before we starts our speech, this is highly ridiculous and we are framing laws to keep a check on this,” added Kapil Sibal.

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