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Stray cattle and dogs banish: Ashutosh

22, Apr 2014 By khakshar

With Arvind Kejriwal moving to Varanasi for a month a strange phenomenon has been reported in the Holy City. All stray cows, buffalo and street dogs have disappeared. On investigation through different lanes and by lanes of  Kashi  and bitten thrice by panicky dogs and with shirts chewed twice by my DP  lookalikes  (@khakshar on Twitter) , this citizen journalist was able to gather  interesting  facts.

The bovines(cattle) and the  canines seem to be  afraid of Ashutosh following Arvind Kejriwal.  In his recent “foot swelling rest tweets ” after the polling day , the former Anchor had put his preferences regards the medical treatment he deems fit . Knowing his love for animals and his exemplary work for PETA , the stray ones seem to foresee their plight . More than the treatment by vets , these “Bezubans”  seems afraid of his blabber and spell bee syndrome.

Meanwhile all the “Bhangedis” of  Baba Ashustosh ki Nagri (as Kashi is also called) are delighted. One should not confuse their happiness as discovering one more of their kind. The happiness of “Vellas” stems from the fact that canines will not be able to put their teeth and bovines would not be able to lick their faces as they sleep in the dustbins around the city intoxicated.

Meanwhile Secularists have objected entry of the esteemed Ex-Anchor on grounds of religious fervor like  being used. The secularist fear that after “Har-Har Modi”, they will have to deal with   “Jai-Baba-Ashutosh”

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