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Steps that Election Commission is going to take to ensure more voter turnout in Ahmedabad

29, Apr 2014 By rofl gujju

Ahmedabad: On the 24th April, Election commissioner was in the city. He held meeting with the various groups of the city to increase vote turnout in city. A panel of commission heard various suggestion and accepted some of those. Faking news reporter got a copy of those suggestions.

Poll booth near all Ganthiya Rath : Voting day is the holiday in city . Gujju can live without water but can’t survive without fafada / Ganthiya / Jalebi on holiday . So EC has decided to set poll booth near all Ganthiya rath . This may increase turnout in morning.

Special Poll Booth on Sabarmati River Front : First time voter – They are the star cast of this 2014 Election. Sabarmati riverfront is a hot destination for youth. So EC has decided to set a special poll booth on riverfront for evening time.

LCD screen at Poll booth : Share market will be open on the day of polling . To target majority of voter, EC decided to put LCD screen with channel CNBC aawaz, so that Gujju can do business while standing in queue for vote. EC is in discussion with local NGO to make arrangements.

Polling booth in all AC malls : In hot summer, AC shopping malls are the hottest place to spend time for Gujjus in noon time. EC carried discussion with mall association and they agreed to do arrangements as their business will benefit from this.

Garaba Group at poll booth : A cultural NGO in city made suggestion for this . EC agreed as the Election is also a celebration of democracy. Garaba is the main and common passion for all the Gujjus. This May be help to increase turnout in evening.

Open the BRTS lane for all user : Due to congestion and traffic in city area many voter do not come out to vote. So EC has decided and Request to Ahmedabad municipal corporation to allow cars and bikes in BRT lane.

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