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Statue of Humority to be made for Rahul Gandhi

18, Jul 2014 By theguru

When the news of statue of unity came out in the public domain, it had different public opinions.The Suttebaaz janta were like “ye to sarasar anyay hai prabhu” as they were taxed heavily, similar protests were there from other sections of the society, but the most unique and innovative protest came out from Rahul Gandhi fans and the laughter clubs which exist in India.

At first it was taken , what we call as ‘ Halke mein’ but then, a 4 bench representative committee was formed to handover the proposal to PMO citing the actual reasons for the statue of Rahul Gandhi i.e. ”statue of humority’ (although there’s nothing known to be humority in English but for RaGa this was a new term coined by the supporters)

Here are the salient features presented before the PMO :-

– Laughter club members find it very difficult to laugh on their own in the morning gatherings.. No Motivation! The newly elected chief of Laughter club said, “We found a sort of disconnect from the members, they were lacking motivation and the attrition level has reached a new high. They need somebody to idolize and hence we have come up with this noble idea.

– Poor and downtrodden people have no source of entertainment. A representative from this community submitted a report which stated- We the people have no real source of entertainment..Kapil Sharma’s show is good but then we can’t afford a cable or dish TV , other than that we have no real support from our wives and other close ones..

Believe, the issue will be taken up seriously, although the root cause of the protest is humor.

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