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Stamp of Honesty released by AAP, to have a ministry for honesty affairs

10, Feb 2014 By counterview

AAP Certificate of Honesty Representative Stamp

Close on the heals of Honesty Index for citizens, Delhi CM and AAP karta dharta, AK today unveiled a plan to issue AAP certificates of honesty for organizations, groups, social media groups, basically aam aadmi+1.

A department of honesty will be constituted to oversee the certification and distribution and will be the sole authority to issue the said certificates. Anybody not possessing this certificate will be deemed dishonest,a liar and some other party’s agent. The qualification for the certificate is a complex algorithm that runs inside AK’s brain.

All AAP ministers and MLA are pre-approved for the certificate. Apart from paper certificates, the applicants can apply for digital variations in the form of buttons to display on websites, social media etc.

The image is representative of what the certificate might look like. The cabinet is still in the process of shortlisting the organization/group/company to design and publish the certificate. To boost non-corruption, the cabinet has already passed a resolution to allot government contracts to only those organizations/groups/companies that bear this certificate. This has led to a tandorri chicken-masala omelet situation as no media group which can design the certificate, has the certificate.

A newly appointed official in the department of honesty on the condition of anonymity told faking news that, the Delhi CM is quite upset at the impasse that has been created and is seriously considering sitting on a dharna to protest.