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Specifications of AK-49

27, Mar 2014 By none

Recently AK-49 was in news. Many readers inquired Faking News about specifications of such an armament. Here is the list:

Overall, our reviewers liked the gun over other mute models like MM-3650 which don’t do well in aiming or shooting. The “corrupt-corrupt” sound of aiming AK-49 is almost realistic and even addictive in cases of some users.

1. Market standing: a. AK-49 is a fashion statement among 20-somethings b. AK-49 is claimed to be used by mango-men. The gun was very popular in journalists but has recently fallen out of favor c. AK-49 is endorsed by a lot of celebrities (who pretend to be mango-men too)

2. AK-49 is an inexpensive automatic firing gun

3. Overall specifications: a. AK-49 was initially designed to be handled evenly. Of late, it has transformed into a strong “left-only” design. This in some way explains subdued euphoria about this new model in the market crowded with fickle guns b. AK-49 works in various modes – aiming (allegations), coughing, automatic mode (legislating) and manual mode

Kejriwal Ganga
AK-49 without cartridge.

4. Aiming mode: a. AK-49 has the higher the target, better the aiming b. AK-49 is noticeably louder than other rifles c. AK-49 aims very well even after being thoroughly soaked in E coli infested waters of Ganges near Banaras

5. Coughing mode: a. When aiming mode is used under battle stress, AK-49 goes into a coughing mode. A woolen muffler is advised to be wrapped around

6. Automatic mode: a. AK-49 doesn’t fire when loaded with bullets or responsibility. Around 45 days of automatic mode, the bflame of the gun may deflect in random direction and may stop working within next 4 days b. After 49 days of use it may start shocking everyone, including fence-sitters, well-wishers and media c. Typical automatic mode of AK-49 lasts for 49 days. Customers wanting longer than 49 days of service may please look out elsewhere

7. Manual mode: a. AK-49 has to be handled carefully because its barrel often takes a U turn b. For revolutionary, VERY revolutionary aiming, it is advised to use AK-49 with a propped up setup, preferably swearing by names of martyrs and Mahatma Gandhi