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Special 65

24, Jul 2013 By rofl gujju

JP dutta – A person who is famous for 2 thing : 1) Making film based on India 2)To decrease the unemployment ratio in Bollywood

Current scenario produce both of this reason so, Mr.Dutta going to make a film based on the story of 65 signatories and USA .

The story is Anti Indian cause, these 65 people who sent a report related to Modi and visa but when we look story from 2nd perspective, the story is about : that 65 Indian people who want to insult a CM of a state of India so,We call than anti Indian .

Second point is unemployment : JP Dutta have monopoly in this area, history said that Mr Dutta always give chance to unemployed person of industry. As example,  in movie LOC he gave chance to nearly all unemployed actors and actresses.

These 65 persons duty is to serve the citizen of India, but they have no work so they wrote letter to Obama, this showed that these 65 person are unemployed !

(note to admin – *Use word person instead of Member of …….)