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SP to amend rape laws after claiming Rapists mere victims of criminalisation

09, Jun 2014 By amitks

The Samajwadi Party today called an emergency meeting of the state assembly and is contemplating to meet the PM early next week clamouring amendment in existent Rape laws. The SP MLAs have heavily criticised the existent rape laws saying that the rapists, who are most often young innocent ‘boys’ are being falsely and blatantly criminalised.

“When things don’t work out between a girl and her ‘boy’friend, family starts alleging rape. What do the boys do? Seeing no resort, they are forced to hang these girls from trees. What’s wrong in self defence? But we still suspended some officers, didn’t we?,” righteously remarked a senior SP leader.

Akhilesh Yadav
Akhilesh Yadav while announcing amendments.

Taking Akhilesh’s views further, another SP leader played down all hype saying media is biased and is reporting more rape cases than actually have happened in UP.

“They have gone so far as to report a case from another part of country to have happened in UP. If you look carefully at the news you will find that there is a bulb lightened in the background. See for yourself. I am flabbergasted at media’s audacity in framing us up. Even International agencies are conspiring against us. Google shows that UP has reported most rape cases in recent years. That’s sick. We have had 9800 while MP reported 6000 and Chhattisgarh reported 4000. These were one state at some point. Their joint numbers make it 10000, more than us,” the leader said.

After waiting for a couple of hours, we could finally get Akhilesh to comment. He said, “Modi is responsible for the plight of UP. After his sweeping victory in Lok Sabha elections, we are really bothered about the integrity and loyalty of the Yadavs and the Muslims. We need to create a third front vote bank. The ever increasing number of rapists is just that. We just want to bring these erring boys in the general stream of the society”.

Behind Akhilesh was his proud father and SP supremo, MSY, who said,”dnksdfdsjchicncnnskjdsjkxcnjknjnbxchjbsanxj”. Well that’s what he actually said.