Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Sourness soars between TDP & BJP!

05, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Politics leads us to hear similar stories that we have heard hundred times before. The Telugu Desam Party-BJP coalition is letting the party leaders’ mind rambling in varied directions. The TDP seems to be moving forward in the direction of separating its ways while the BJP is all set to check this unwanted development at a time when its political promptness pulls off a plunge into Karnataka assembly polls.

As reports circulated that the Naidu government was supposed to be working with its rival YSR Congress whose leader JM Reddy recently talked about helping or supporting the BJP if the State of Andhra Pradesh should be given a special status. There has been a demand for special status since the year 2014 when a separate state of Telangana was carved out.

The ruling BJP appeared to have not shown proclivity in severing alliance with the TDP but it desired to patch up differences.The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley came forward pledging with a fulfilment of the assurances made earlier between them.

Further, there was news of the party president Amit Shah’s phone talk with Chandrababu Nadu. However, there are doubts about their conversation.

It is evidently clear that the Telugu Desam Party happens to be the BJP’s biggest ally in the South. Though the party whole-heartedly accepted the TDP as an old trusted partner, it was not presumed to be sticking to its assured promises.That was why all the sourness was persisting leisurely.

The Telugu Desam Part itself somewhere cheated since the BJP has ruled out granting of special category status. The centre also has been mostly parsimonious in extending funds to mega projects like capital Amravati and Polavaram. The BJP here appears to have been showing double-standard politics and its slogan of Sabka saath, Sabka Vikas looks vague, as analysts emphasize.