Friday, 27th April, 2018

Souls lost into oxygenless void

13, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Innocence has perished into oblivion owing to kind cruelty but the jaunty politics left no stone unturned in cutting back the fact. Mournful families kept on bemoaning but the elected leaders were found to be playing the game of diversion. Ah! Death even becomes simple occurrence before the callous coldness. Humanity is out and out gone as the tears flowed like the watercourse. Parents wept blood in anguish but insensitive politicians perverted. What a heart-rending situation at the loss of innocent lives in the two digits. The party appeared to be in complete shock as acceptance of the reality was not so easy and painless.

The numberless news channels showed the painful sufferings of the unfortunate people who look upon the kind doctors with enormous faith. But they appeared to have turned into spineless robots without mercy. Their compassion seems to have mixed into the emotionless procedures. The BRD hospital, which provides the medical treatment to the patients coming from UP, Bihar and even as far as Nepal, is not an ordinary medical centre for the patients of the eastern parts of the state. Being such a significant hospital it is directly under the focused glare of the electronic news on account of its continual indifference.

It is this shocking incident that has made the ministers’ voice low as they possibly falter to choose words for required statements. They looked even much more unauthentic in their placid defences than they were in their ferocious attacks on the previous governments. The public was very much bored by the presentation of the distorted pictures of the reality. If they had explained the weird and ridiculous tints, the probable chance of trust on their version was too hard to accept for the depressed people. The pale situations entailed purple apathy.